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How it Works

João, 21 years Student of Photography

João is Portuguese student attending his last year of the photography course

He found MyiArts through some research he did for his history class

A few months ago João participated in a contest promoted by MyiArts and won an international photo award

Now that he is finishing his formation, he uses this platform to look for job opportunities and exchange some ideas with peers and professionals of his area

Emma, 36 years Curator

Emma is North American and has a contemporary art gallery downtown New York

Last year, a series of new and talented artists, who she met through MyiArts, exhibited at her gallery

Currently she uses the platform to exchange information with other colleagues and to share and promote gallery events

And she is very pleased to receive more and more visitors in her space

Leonel, 47 years Lawyer

Leonel is Angolan, works at a multinational and travels every month to various countries

Because he is interested in different cultures, but his time is short, every time he travels he uses MyiArts to know what is happening in the country he visits

When he returns to Angola he shares his experiences in his profile

And even takes the chance to directly congratulate the authors of the artworks he saw

Debora, 65 years Writer

Débora is Brazilian and just published her third novel and for the first time, in a short period of time, she received reviews and comments of her followers and literature critics

Through MyiArts she could answer and exchange ideas with various people in Brazil and around the world

The last months, she has been helping new authors, who seek her through the platform, to promote their work and help them grow as artists

At the same time, she has been receiving contacts from many publishers to translate and promote her books