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MyiArts is an art community that connects Artists to the Art Enthusiasts,
promoting new and upcoming artists.

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Download our artspotting app and join a creative community that connects you with artists and emerging creatives around the world.

Discover art, connect with the artists and share their work throughout the community.

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We want to give the artists a platform to showcase their art and connect with industry professionals and also their audience!

Here you can get inspired, reviews and data that will you help you understand your market!

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Cultural Organizations

We want to democratize Art to the world! So we invite all Cultural Organizations (art galleries, museums, exhibitions, cultural events) to promote your shows and exclusive artists so we can make art and make available for everyone!

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On MyiArts we allow you to discover unique, affordable and tailored art just for you.

Tell us what inspires you and we will give you a personalized feed based on recommendations and your personality!

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On MyiArts you can share and comment art pieces from your favourite artists! But you can also discover new artists that reflect

who you are and what you like to see!

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